VIVO walls

Handmade for the indoor gardener.

VIVO walls are beautifully designed plant growing systems ideal for indoor gardeners with little space. Handmade in Philadelphia from recycled glass, steel and raw wood. VIVO walls are a great way to grow plants inside your home. All VIVO’s that are available for purchase are exclusively available at in the East Falls neighborhood of Philadelphia. If you’re interested in a custom VIVO please send us a message directly.

Growing plants with VIVO walls. 

Before buying a VIVO wall make sure that you have a wall in your home that gets a decent amount of light. A room that has a South facing window will be your best bet. Different plants require different amounts of light so talk to your local plant store about what will be best for your VIVO wall. 

You will also have to mount the french cleat wall bracket. Your wall is probably made from drywall but it could be something else. It's best to screw the bracket into a wall stud so it is securely anchored. Depending on what type of wall it is you may need special anchoring. A local hardware store will be able to help you determine what is necessary. 


VIVOs are great for first time or experienced indoor gardeners. The glass vessels don't have a huge capacity so we recommend growing plants that don't require a lot of water and smaller root systems. Cacti and succulents are great plants for the Ollas.

Recommended Beginner Plants 

Small to medium sized low-water plants like cacti and succulents do well. Make sure the system gets enough sun