VIVO walls

Handmade for the indoor gardener.

Frequently Asked Questions

How hard is it to grow plants in a VIVO wall?

We think it's pretty easy. The Olla systems are the most maintenance free. All you have to do is find a sunny window for them, anchor the wall bracket level using three screws and appropriate anchors and water when your plants get thirsty.

Our Fluvio systems water themselves but require a little more elbow grease and TLC. They're are a great introduction into the world of Hydroponics and allow you to grow edible plants inside your home. Each Fluvio system comes with everything you need to get started except plants and a vessel that is at least 3 gallons and has an opening large enough to fit the water pump. We recommend checking out your local IKEA for a glass vessel that looks good. As for maintenance you will need to monitor the PH level of the water and change the water every 2 weeks. If you choose to grow aggressive plants like Tomatoes you will need to keep an eye on the flow of water from each container as the root systems can clog the drainage system. It may be necessary to clean or replace the tubing as it can get clogged with build up. Don't worry we sell extra tubing and it's easy to replace. 


Can I keep fish in the water basin of the Fluvio systems?

Sure, although you won't be able use the liquid nutrient solution. The fish will provide the nutrients when they do their business. This is called aquaponics and its something we haven't tried ourselves yet but plan on trying in the future.  We've heard its a bit tricky but definitely possible. There's plenty of information on running these systems just an internet search away.


How do VIVO walls attach to the wall?

They hang using a french cleat. We provide what you need to hang your system on a standard drywall. If you live in a newer house you most likely have appropriate drywall. If the wall you want to hang your VIVO on is something else or your'e not sure ask your local hardware store for advice. We don't want your VIVO wall crashing to the ground.


Where can I put my VIVO wall?

It depends what you want to grow but most likely the sunniest wall of your home. If this isn't an option you can use grow lights.


What keeps the bottles from falling out?

The bottles are held in place by tension from a stainless steel wire and a steel ring. 

I really like that one VIVO wall can I get one just like it?

Each VIVO wall is handmade and unique once it sells its gone but we can make custom walls. Tell us what you want and we'll do our best to make you happy. We love a creative challenge!